Monday, December 05, 2016

Holly Jolly Christmas

It's December.  When there is ALWAYS something going on.  Hollis went on a field trip last week to see a play.  She had so much fun.  

And then on Friday, her class was in charge of the week assembly.  She had a line and said it in the microphone.  I was SO proud.  She's so shy - this is such a huge deal for her! She practiced so hard! 

Friday night we had our Sunday school Christmas party.  It's always a lot of fun! 

Saturday morning we had practice for our Christmas program at church.  It lasted forever but it was so worth it.  I love our Christmas program and seeing the kids sing! 

The girls BEGGED to make a gingerbread house so we got a kit and they had the best time decorating.  

Sunday morning before we left for church.  

Nothing makes my heart more happy than these sweet kids singing in church! 

The preschoolers always just make me laugh! You never know what they might do! 

These two.  They are just as tight as ever even if they don't see each other every day any more.  

This was two years ago.  

Last night we had the Getty's and an Irish Christmas at church.  Keith Getty wrote the amazing song "In Christ Alone" as well as many other modern hymns.  It was WONDERFUL.  The kids loved it.  It didn't start until 7:30 so it was late.  Hollis fell asleep but Harper kept saying "Thank you so much for bringing me here".  ha! Will Holden had a sitter while he slept! 

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