Monday, December 12, 2016

December Delight

Is December the craziest month of the year or what??? I love it because there are so many fun things but it is SO busy!!!! 

Last Tuesday our Women's ministry had their annual Christmas lunch.  A lady in our church and her sister did all the decorating and it was so pretty.  They made these plates as gifts and they came with a stand and chalk.  (They painted chalk paint on a charger and glued a bow and wrote the words.  Cute, right?) 

Normally we have a potluck but their year we had a catered lunch and it was so good.  We had around 130 ladies come which I think is the most we have ever had! 

Our pastors' wives did the program and did such a great job.  It was a fun day.  

We do Elf on the shelf but our elf doesn't do anything crazy.  We basically just move her around due house every night. And 99% of the time I forget until the morning.  It's only December 11th and I'm out of ideas.  But our girls LOVE her and they jump out of bed every morning to see where she is.  So we kind of need her to keep going. ha! 

A friend of ours gave us this shirt for Hollis.  It was her daughter's and her daughter is now a senior in high school  but the shirt was still precious.  And Hollis LOVES Mackenzie so she was THRILLED to get to wear it! 

On Thursday night we had a family date and went to see Santa at the mall and eat dinner.  I love to go on a random week night because we never wait in line.  The girls were afraid they would forget to tell Santa something so they wrote letters to give him.  This was Harper's list.  I just love the random things she has like a folding fan (which by the way is on the list every single year), a Paris snow globe (why Paris?), a mood locket (she saw one at Claire's) and she's so happy that there is a troll doll named Harper.  And of course the Amaraken girl doll.  The illustrations really help too! 

I was so excited for another crying baby Santa pic and I even told the girls working that I was SURE he would cry but to take the picture anyway.  But he just sat kind of stunned on his lap.  He didn't even move.  It was funny.  But I think the picture is precious.  

 Santa lined up the kids and I didn't realize until later that they were exactly the same as last year.  So now I'm going to insist they sit just like this every year.  Even when Will Holden is 15 and the girls are in college. ha ha ha!  I never dreamed this time last year that Will Holden would be such a tow head.

This picture is just a picture of our current life.  The girls constantly mothering and doting on Will Holden.  Will in some state of mischief or running away.  And me with the same expression as Santa on my face.  I love our craziness! 

Friday night my friend Susan Goss spoke at the Grove church in Fayetteville and I went with her.  I have started working part time for her ministry Tangible Truths along with my friend Maegan.  I'm excited about the future of our ministry.  

They had a great event and had food and pop up shops and then Susan spoke.  

Susan is so tiny and always eating salads so I was cracking up after when she wanted to go to Sonic and get chicken and a corn dog and then she was wanting to get ice cream.  Speaking makes her hungry! 

Saturday morning we worked in the annual Christmas store at our church.  We worked in the kids area and my girls actually got to help and do some things this year and I think they really liked feeling involved.  It helps for them to get the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.  And working together with my church family to serve our community is always the biggest blessing! 

The kid's choirs put on their Christmas programs tonight.  The preschool/kindergarten choir wore Christmas pajamas.  How cute are these two??? 

And Harper and Sarah Kate sang with the bigger kid choir.  They did so great.  

Christmas cousins! I love these girls! 

Will Holden was running around the stage like a wild man after wards.  It's hard to believe that in just two years he will be singing in the preschool choir. ha ha! The music program may shut down before that day comes if they know what's coming! :-) 

We have a full week coming up!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

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