Monday, November 14, 2016

Weddings and not Winning

We had a very fun and eventful weekend! 

Friday night one of our favorite babysitters got married.  We are actually so sad about it because she moved away to Georgia yesterday after getting married.  We will miss her so much - my girls just adore her.  Scott stayed home with Will Holden and the girls and I went and met up with Laurie and her girls.  

Sweet Savannah.  She was a beautiful bride and it was the sweetest wedding.  

Hollis and one of her best friends Kampbell.  

We weren't the only ones thrilled to see her get married.  She is a very popular baby sitter at our church.  There are probably 20 more kids who could have been in this picture.  We love her family.  And yes - that's Emily on the right and she looks 15.  So sad. ha! 

Saturday, Hollis got to spend half the day with her best friend Joseph.  He lives on a small farm so they had a great time feeding cows and running around.  I love their little friendship.  

When I was 11 my family moved back to AR and my dad who was a U of A grad got season tickets and took me with him to every home game from then until I got engaged at 29. I have a lifetime of special memories of going to all those games with my dad. And then Scott and I had season tickets until the year we had Harper. We didn't want to take a baby or toddler to games and it was hard to find a sitter so we just started watching games at home. Saturday night we finally took our girls to their first Razorback game!!!! I was beside myself with excitement to take my own girls to a game! One day when Will Holden is older (and we find a Money tree ðŸ˜‚😂) maybe we can all go to games together.

Scott took a few pictures before we left and these just captured their personalities so well.  

They were so excited about going.  But I was worried about how it would actually go.  It's loud and crowded and it was cold so I figured they would complain and want to leave at the end of the first quarter.  

Me and my little mini.  

Sadly - we did not "keep the boot".  We didn't even come close to winning but we still had a great time! 

These girls loved it! We kept asking them if they wanted to leave and they kept begging to stay.  We didn't get there until right before the game started because we had a sitter for Will Holden and I didn't want her to have to be at our house for 10 hours.  Bless her.  So we finally got some million dollar not good concession food at the end of the first quarter but the girls thought it was amazing.  Of course they did.  It was cold but not terrible.  I've been having old lady hot flashes all summer/fall so I wasn't cold at all.  I felt like I was FINALLY comfortable. ha! Some of you know what I mean.  We were losing the game so we left in the middle of the 4th quarter to TRY and beat out some of the crowd.  Hollis was SO mad that we left early.  I'm so happy that my girls loved their first game experience.  I hope we have many more in our future.  

Who knows - maybe we will all be in the stands together one day to watch Will Holden play on the field? Or maybe he will be in the band if not football.  Whatever.  

And because this post had no Will Holden pictures - here he is in Sunday School today.  He made car sounds every time he looked at his outfit.  And he kept saying "AWWWW" and trying to hug every kid in his class.  He's rough and tumble but sweet.  I love this boy.  

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