Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Fall is Fun

Last week I got to go on my first field trip as a chaperone with Hollis' class to the children's museum. It was so much fun.  And a little bit stressful trying to not lose 5 kindergarteners.  ha! I'm getting to know a lot of kindergarten moms and that's been really fun.  

And I loved the chance to spend time with this girl!

She was so excited and having fun that taking a picture of us turned out like this! ha! 

It has finally turned cool so I broke out pumpkins and mums.  We have a few pumpkin patch trips planned so I didn't want to buy too many pumpkins yet.  It's that crazy time of  year when it's cool in the mornings and hot in the afternoons and I don't know how to dress my children.  

I mean - is that pure joy or what? 30 pounds of just funny, busy all boy! I love that all three of my children smile with their eyes.  It makes me so happy.  

Saturday night,  a local theatre group made up of little kids up to teenagers put on "Beauty and the Beast".  I was so excited to take these three.  

It was a WONDERFUL show.  We knew several kids who starred in it.  I was so impressed.  The girls were dying to meet Belle and Beast afterwards.  Hollis does not like "characters" so she stayed with me.  

This little boy, Major, goes to church with us.  He was in the show and so was his big sister Grace (in the white).  Grace was the dresser.  She was SO good.  

Our friend Shelley helps with the show.  Her daughter was in it as well.  Sarah Kate is determined to audition next year. I am trying to talk Harper into it.  They would have so much fun together.  We will see! 

Sarah Kate invited Harper over to spend the night afterwards.  They had a great time.  Harper was soooooo tired the next day.  

Sunday was our DNOW Sunday which is a big youth weekend in our church.  There were a lot of kids who accepted Christ that weekend and we had the honor to help baptize 10 of them.  Some of these teenagers I have known since they were babies.  Which made me feel old and proud all at the same time.  It never gets old to see people decide to follow Jesus.  

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