Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Field Trip Fun

Well, I didn't mean to take a little blog break but we had a slow weekend.  It was just a project weekend.  We got a new fence this summer and Scott spent Saturday putting a stain/sealer on it.  He ran out of stain halfway through (and this was probably the only Saturday he had to work on the fence before the weather gets too cold) so I volunteered to go pick him up some more.  WELL... Four Lowe's, one Home Depot and one Walmart visit later and I finally had what he needed.  So that was pretty much our Saturday.  

Yesterday Hollis and the rest of kindergarten went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  They welcome parents and siblings to come on this field trip so Will Holden and I met them there.  One of my friends/neighbors rode with us which made it fun.  

Hollis was SO excited to have her brother there.  She wanted to be with us more than with her friends.  It was so sweet.  

We got to go on a hay ride and play games and just all kinds of fun.  

We had the best time but it was SO hot and humid.  I'm ready for fall weather to catch up with our season.  

The kids had a picnic lunch and I was helping some of them with their lunches and turned around and Will Holden had pulled himself up to the table and was eating with the big kids.  He had the BEST time.  

We left after lunch and Will Holden was fast asleep before we got home and then took a great nap.  Hollis had the best time and came home with a cute pumpkin.  

This was when we went on Harper's pumpkin patch field trip in kindergarten.  

We are headed to the pumpkin patch on Saturday as a family and I can't wait.  

I just hope it cools off...........

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