Monday, September 19, 2016

Molars and Apples

Thank you for all of your prayers and support and encouragement on my new Friday Feature and especially for Jordan.  Jordan went to her appointment on Friday in Little Rock and Lucy's heart rate was super high so they admitted her.  We are praying the heart rate comes down and she can stay in a little longer.  Please continue to pray for her. 

And I'm excited for my new series.  I have a lot of fun people lined up and I think you will enjoy it.  

This sweet boy.  He has had the most AWFUL week.  He is getting four molars and it's AWFUL!!!! I'm sure my girls had a hard time and I've forgotten but man it's been rough.  He didn't sleep at ALL for about 3 straight nights and we both felt rough.  But he is feeling better and has been sleeping.  He's just drooling oceans.  I will be so glad when they come in and he can not be in pain.  

Saturday my sweet friend Marci (AKA Pioneer Woman) had asked Harper to come over for a cooking lesson.  Harper was THRILLED! She came out of her room early on Saturday completely dressed and ready to go.  

They had the best time. 

Hollis and Joseph got in some much needed BFF time too.  They are at separate schools this year and really miss each other.  Hollis ended up spending the day with them and Marci took them to pick apples.  

They even helped peel the apples.  Meanwhile, Harper had a friend from school from her class last year come and spend the afternoon with us.  They had a good time playing.  And then once everyone was back home, we ate hamburgers and watched the hogs play football! 

I worked in the nursery this morning and I had to take a picture of Will Holden's "first date".  The little girl is one of my close friends' daughter.  I had to text her the cuteness.  

We went to lunch with Laurie and Steve and then Sarah Kate came home with us to spend the afternoon.  The girls played outside, played school and then laid in our bed to watch "Brady Bunch".  I love how much fun they have together.  

We were back at church tonight for choir practice and church.  I help teach choir in Hollis' class.  

We had to make a quick sonic run before going back to church.  

And mostly we are excited that our hogs have won three in a row but we have a big game against the Aggies coming up this weekend.  

We have a crazy busy week coming up so I better get in bed and rest up! 

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