Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cotton Candy, Copperheads and Crowder

The minute we got back from Little Rock Friday afternoon, I ran up to the girls school and I was the mystery reader for Harper's class.  She was so surprised.  I took the girls home and then I went right back at 3 to help with our school carnival.  

This was the only picture I took. The PTO puts on the carnival as a fundraiser.  I worked from 3 until 10:30 setting up, taking tickets and cleaning up.  It was HOT and hard work but we raised a lot of money for the school so it's worth it.  Scott and his parents brought the kids up but I barely got the chance to see them.  They had fun any way.  

Saturday morning we decided we would go do a local nature walk.  It was SOOOOO humid and hot but a beautiful day.  

At the end of the walk is a gorgeous water fall.  

Scott's parents came to help this week because we had so many things going on and they were a life saver!!  But it also just gave them a chance to come spend time with the kids.  My girls LOVE when they came visit and were begging them to stay longer.  They would be happy if they just moved in.  It's so nice that they can come stay with us for a while!

Right before we took this picture, we had hiked down from the top to the bottom of the waterfall and we had all walked down a hill and Scott and his Dad were last and suddenly they screamed like little girls.  A huge copperhead came out from under a rock and nearly struck at them.  And Will and I had JUST walked past the snake (I never saw it).  We were so lucky none of us got bit.  I think it may be a while before we go back. ha! 

Saturday night was the local high school beauty pageant.  A girl from our church was in it and all contestants have to ask an elementary student to be their "Future Miss" and escort them.  Harper got to do it and she was SOOO excited!  She looked SO grown up and pretty! I let her put a tiny bit of makeup on and she was thrilled.  Hollis had on some too and she asked me all night long "Is my makeup still on?"  She was SO proud!

Her three years as a Future Miss.  She has grown up so much! 

My pretty girls! 

Dressed up and ready to go.

One of Harper's friends from her class was also a future miss so they had fun being together!!! Such sweet girls! 

Isn't Makenzie beautiful? She's such a sweet girl! We came home after and stayed up until midnight watching the Arkansas/Aggie game.  

That's all I'm saying about that. 

Sunday we went to church and we taught Will Holden's class.  This boy is SUCH a character! 

We had a little bit of rest Sunday afternoon and then the girls and I had to be back for choir practice in the afternoon.  I raced home and then Scott and I headed back to church.  

We were SOOO excited because David Crowder was in concert at our church! He is our favorite!!! And it was an amazing concert!!! Tedashi, a Christian rapper, opened.  Scott loves him.  I'm not too big on rap - but I really liked him and his message.  It was just fun to have a date night and go to a concert! 

I was glad for Monday to come and for the cool weather that has finally showed up! It's FALL! 

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