Monday, September 05, 2016

Are you ready for some football?

Well, apparently I took a little vacation from the old blog last week.  I didn't mean to but life has been busy.  I think I thought I would have more free time once school started but I have a new basically full time job called PTO/Room mom. ha! I am LOVING being more involved in the girls' school but it definitely takes a lot of my time.  And I'm also trying to dig out from the summer and get my house back in order.  

But we have been having a lot of fun.  

The girls had picture day.  

We also had Moms and Muffins at school.  This was the first year for PTO to host this and it was CRAZY! I think nearly every mom in the school showed up and we were lined up down the sidewalk even after school started for the day.  Since our schools all got rezoned - 70-80% of kids are new so this was a great way to get parents connected.  

On Thursday, Will Holden and I drove over to have lunch with Scott at an Amish restaurant near where he works.  The have the BEST fresh food! It was fun having lunch with just my boys! 

Will Holden and I then made a trip to Sam's to get food for our family and stuff for parties at the kids' schools.  He was so happy! 

Friday was Razorback Spirit day at school - which of course made me so happy! 

I have always said I would never be room mom but some how I signed up for both girls classes.  I had a case of temporary insanity at Open house.  LUCKILY there were three of us in each room so we are able to work together! I'm actually very excited to be able to be involved in their classes.  They had a food/game day in each room and we brought in tailgate snacks and played games like "Pin the football on the goal posts" and Razorback corn hole.  The kids all called the hogs in both rooms and my love tank was full. ha! 

I loved being able to meet all the kids Harper has been talking about the last few weeks.  Hollis still doesn't know anyone's name but it will come! ha! 

Will Holden had to come with me to Harper's party because it was after his MDO got out.  He thought he was BIG stuff.  He ran to her desk and said "SISSY!!!" and wanted to sit in a chair like the big kids and eat snacks.  It was so cute how some of the kids flocked to him.  

We had a very low key weekend and I was so glad.  We spent most of Saturday watching football.  There were so many good games! That would not include ours - we won but that's about all I can say. ha!  The highlight of the day is Will Holden said "football" for the first time.  He says ball no less than 10,489 times a day but now he is saying "football" and I'm so happy.  Doesn't he look like a determined Quarterback? 

Sunday we had church.  Scott had to greet and that's the girls favorite thing to do is help him.  That afternoon we went to Cabela's to get some things for Scott and Harper was begging for camo so she can start hunting with Scott.  I tried to tell her she would have to sit in the cold and be super quiet and still for hours.  She said "I will just bring my iPad!!"  

Today we have mostly worked around the house and yard.  Scott took the girls to see "Pete's dragon" and Will and I head to Walmart and a few other stores.   We are headed to Little Rock in the morning for an appointment with Harper's audiologist and Harper can't wait.  She keeps asking when we are going and saying "that is my FAVORITE place to go." 

Have a good short week!!!

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