Friday, August 26, 2016

Welcome to the Circus

So I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday.  

I left Will Holden alone for maybe three minutes yesterday while I took clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer.  In that time he managed to get my charger and put it and a bunch of stuff from the bath tub into the toilet.  

At least he didn't flush, right? 

Also I'm headed to Walmart in the morning to buy toilet locks.  


And for the record - it's not because he's a boy.  Although it could be.  Or it could be that he's a third child.  Or it could be because he's just a fun boy.  

And also - I didn't sleep for about 4 years straight when the girls were little so I think I have forgotten a lot of their antics.  See picture above.  ha!  I had forgotten how I had to turn Harper's pajamas backwards because she always took her diapers off.  

All you really can do is laugh.  

And I was laughing so hard reading some of the comments on my instagram picture of things people's toddlers have done.  

I want to hear yours. Share you funniest toddler story.  The moment they made the biggest mess.  Toilets.  Sharpies.  Maxi pads.  Whatever you've got! 

I think we could all use a good laugh today.  

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