Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Week

Well, we had a successful first week of school! 

The girls both are loving their classes and teachers.  They have made friends - but they don't know any of their names yet. ha! 

We had open house for Will's MDO on Wednesday.  

And his first day was on Friday! 

He had a GREAT day! He has two great teachers who I know well and I'm so thankful for them!

These are all three of my babies on the first day ever of MDO for them.  They were all around the same age.  This is our seventh year at the MDO/preschool.  It feels like home to us.  

On Friday I had a PTO meeting so I went a little early so I could see the girls at lunch.  I can't believe my baby girl is big enough to sit in the cafeteria and eat and stay in lines and all that comes with kindergarten.  She is doing so great! 

And I always love seeing this girl! She is loving second grade! 

Her first assignment was to bring three favorite things in a paper sack.  She took a turtle she got at the beach, a Little House on the Prairie Book because and an apple.  I love that these are the things she loves.  

We had promotion Sunday today and all the kids moved to their new classes.  We are teaching Will Holden's class this year.  And when I say "teaching" I really mean wrangling toddlers.  I will miss being in our adult class but I try to take every 2nd or 3rd year and teach.  I'm excited to be with his class. 

Hollis' teacher sends me little pictures of her every day.  It makes me so happy to get a glimpse of what she is doing.  

It's been great getting back into a routine.  The early mornings are a little rough and we are still working on getting the girls to bed early.  And if I could just keep up the habit of making lunches at night and laying out clothes at night - we might have a good year.  

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