Sunday, June 26, 2016

Whole 30 Recap

Well,  I made it the entire 30 days!!!!

And I honestly found it extremely do-able.  Yes, it takes planning and thought but I felt a little more together knowing what our meals would be each day instead of being on the fly like I can be so often.

I finished Tuesday and I waited to update because 1. I was gone most of this past week and between that and Dawson dying - I just was off from blogging and 2. I wanted to see what happened after Whole 30.

I lost a total of 12 pounds and I just felt a lot better.  I was less bloated and I had less stomach issues.

I took a trip Wednesday until today and I didn't go crazy but I also didn't try to be too strict on myself.  The best approach is to enter things slowly so you can see what your issues are.  You should bring back one thing at a time and see if it affects you - like dairy, then after a few days gluten, etc.

I didn't do that which wasn't the best approach but I have realized that sugar is what bothers me the most.

My plan is to go back to pretty much a 90/10 plan of Whole 30.  I'm going to stick to it but if I have a cracker or a dressing that might have sugar if I'm at someone's house or whatever - I'm not going to sweat it.  And I'm going to do that indefinitely.  We are going to the beach in two weeks but my plan is to mostly eat clean while I'm there.

If you are thinking about trying - it really is easy and can be life changing.  I know it has shown me that I really needed a lifestyle change.  There are tons of IG accounts such as @wholelifesisters @whole30recipes @whole30approved @whole30 @oliveyouwhole and tons more that give great recipes and ideas and you can also search Whole 30 on pinterest and get a ton of recipes.  I kept it simple by just doing meats and veggies and grilled or roasted them.  It's hard to spend a lot of time cooking with a toddler so that is so quick to do.  But when I get time - I would like to try more in depth recipes.

I did try a few new things like these lettuce wraps I found on pinterest.  I used ground turkey instead of ground chicken and they were pretty good.

I would say that for the first two weeks of whole 30 be prepared to be tired from the sugar detox but it gets better and then you have more energy at the end.  I didn't cheat and didn't really need to.  

If I can do this - anyone can!!! 

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