Sunday, May 01, 2016

Walks, Teas and Dirty Cars

 Thursday we met friends at the children's museum for the morning.  The kids had a great time! It was nice to go when most kids are in school so it wasn't crowded.

Our museum has a couple of areas that are just for kids under 2 and this was the first time I was able to take Will Holden.  He had a blast! I'm going to take him soon when the girls are in school and let him just go to town and wear himself out! 

Thursday night, the ministry I have been working with, Tangible Truth Ministries, put on a mothering conference.  It was really good.  We had breakout sessions by professionals on a ton of topics.  We will have audios of those soon and I will have to share because I think you might be very encouraged by them! 

A lot of my friends either served or spoke or came! Thankful for all of them! I got to see a lot of people I don't normally see who were able to come! 

My friend Susan who is the director of Tangible Truth! She has such a heart for women and I'm so thankful to serve with her! 

Friday, Harper read a book to the 4 year old preschool classes at Hollis' school.  Hollis was SOOO proud to have her sister read - it was adorable.  And Harper was so cute.  She read and then she would show the pictures of the book just like a teacher would.  She did a great job.  

We had a very mellow day at home on Saturday.  We tried to get up and go to the Farmer's market Saturday morning.  I got us all up and ready and we left the house around 8:30 to beat the crowds.  What I failed to do was check the weather.  It was WAY colder than I thought it would be and it was misty.  So we didn't stay.  We made a quick lap and left.  I was so disappointed.  We have the BEST farmer's market on our square and it has really grown.  I predict many more trips there this summer. 

So we came home and spent the day at home.  Will Holden was into everything.  Apparently he wanted spaghetti for dinner because he pulled it out all over the floor. 

Scott may or may not squirt whipped cream directly into the kids' mouths from time to time.  They may possibly even say "tweet tweet" like little birds to get it. ha! And Will Holden just got introduced to this and let's just say he's a fan.  

Scott doesn't "get" why I can't drive three kids around all day every day AND keep my car immaculate.  

ha ha ha ha ha ha oh I laugh so hard.

"Don't let the kids eat in your car" (hysterical)
"You shouldn't try to transport food" (He clearly doesn't understand the amount of meals I take people or potlucks I go to)
"Just bring everything in when you get home" (and carry a baby)(Okay)

Pretty sure I'm not alone on this.  He spent hours cleaning my car Saturday.  Partly because his love language to me is service.  And partly because it bothers him THAT much and he knows I won't do anything about it.  (because what's the point until they are in college).  

Saturday night I went for a walk and when I got home, Hollis had been waiting in the window for me with her tennis shoes on because she wanted to go on a walk with Momma.  (so sweet).

So we took a long walk together.  She just beamed and smiled her big dimpled smile and held my hand the whole walk.  And talked and talked.  It was just the best.  I carry my phone when I walk and I'm so glad because I needed a picture to remember that moment.  It's the small moments like that that I cherish the most. 

Me and my boy before church this morning.  He didn't cry when I dropped him off today.  They moved him to the bigger kid room and I think he is liking it.  

His white hair and those knee socks and shoes just kill me. 

Harper had a mother/daughter GA tea this afternoon.  I was so proud to go with my girl.  

And this is Hollis' preschool picture this year.  She will be graduating from preschool in just 3 weeks!

We have another week off from school and a huge film festival in town so we have a lot of fun ahead!

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