Sunday, May 15, 2016

May Day May Day

It feels like summer is here but we still have a month of school and we are having a cold snap so I'm trying not to get too excited yet!  But we have been having a lot of end of the school year fun.  

Hollis' best friend is playing T-ball so we went to see him play the other night.  My poor girls haven't seen a lot of sports yet and our family are not baseball fans so they asked me 3000 questions - much to the dismay of some hard core little league dad sitting in front of us.  I felt like he kept turning around and giving me the stink eye every time I explained bases and batting, etc.  It was so cute - Joseph kept waving to Hollis from every base he got on.  

Harper had western day at school one day last week.  She loves her cowboy boots more than any shoes she owns.  She insists on wearing them about 334 days out of the year.  I thought she was adorable in these braids.  

I love these two.  

We had invited Joseph over to have a play date on Thursday morning.  We went to pick him up after dropping Harper off at school.  They live in the country on beautiful land and have chickens and cows.  They have been waiting for one cow to have a baby.  When I pulled up, Marci greeted me with a backpack on and binoculars because the cow was in labor.  She was having to watch it from the house and was going to go to her once it was time.  I was so tickled that I had a friend who actually knew how to deliver a cow.  She was telling me all about what had to happen after and made me look through the binoculars at the baby calf legs hanging out of the mom cow when she was pushing.  I nearly died.  Marci is my friend who gets up at 5 and collects eggs from chickens and bakes and never watches TV and certainly doesn't have social media.  I adore her.  

So Joseph came to our house and we had a great time and then we went out to lunch.  

I have the best group of friends and huge Sunday school class at church but I feel like over the last few years, things have changed so much.  So many of us used to spend so much time together when we had little babies but those babies are now deep in school and activities and we just are all busy.  We finally got together last week to have dinner and then went for coffee.  It was SO much fun.  It was nice to just be able to sit around and visit. 

It was nice outside and the coffee shop closed down so we sat in this little area in our downtown that has tables and just talked.  I hope we can do more of this.  Friendship is just so important. 

All of my friends always rave about Aldi and I have never been so I finally tried it out last week.  I ran into two friends right when I got there.  Do you shop at Aldi? Trader Joe's owns them and they have lots of great stuff for cheap!! I stocked up on a lot of snacks and staples.  I'm planning to go back.  The closest one is about 20 minutes from me so I don't know how regular I will go but I will work it in!!! 

The first grade at our school has a special Mother's tea each year.  I got a sitter so I could be there alone just with Harper.  It was so sweet.  She had been talking about it for weeks.  They made all kinds of sweet things for us and had treats they had to serve us and they were not allowed to eat anything even if we told them they could. ha! They had to say "no thank you".  It was just the best! 

I took the girls for summer hair cuts on Friday.  I decided Hollis needed a long bob.  Her hair had gotten so straggly and she only wanted to wear it in a side ponytail that never stayed up.  Her new hair is adorable! Harper got several inches cut off too and now she's asking for a bob also.  

I love this time of year, don't you? 

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