Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Good stuff

So nothing exciting happening around here lately but it's just the good stuff of life.  The normal stuff. 

Like buying plants at Lowes and taking our first ride in the race car carts!!! 

Harper had another birthday party this weekend at Chuck E Cheese.  This time I took the little kids so Hollis could play while Harper was at the party.  I planned to just keep Will in the stroller but I let him ride a few rides and he had so much fun.  Thankfully our CEC is actually pretty clean! :-) 

This sweet girl.  She is SUCH a good helper to me.  I am so thankful for her!

Sunday Harper and the kid's choir sang in church Sunday morning and Sunday night they had a big musical.  It was SO good.  They practiced Friday night and Saturday morning so that was a big chunk of our weekend.  I'm thankful for a wonderful music program at church.  

Harper and some of her friends after the performance.  

Harper is off of school for two weeks because of her year round schedule.  We are trying to work in a little fun each day.  Harper's big request was to go to the mall.  She wanted to "try on clothes and stuff".  I can't help but laugh and this pre teen suddenly living in my house! So we went to the mall and she and Hollis brought money they had been saving up and bought a couple of things.  It was a good lesson in how much things cost.  ha! We are trying to learn how we have to work for money and things we want! It's a hard lesson - even for adults! 

Wilby was a good sport to tag along on the shopping trip.  I think he's just happy to have his sisters home.  

We let him play on the mall playground to make it up to him for dragging him to stores.  He had the best time! 

Will Holden also had his one year well check on Monday.  He was a BIG boy! He's 26 lbs (95%) and 31 inches (80%) and healthy! 

The only thing I hate about Arkansas and spring time is tornado season.  We had a scare last night.  Our cell phones and the city alarm started going off about 12:45.  That's a good way to jolt you out of bed.  I made a mad dash for all the kids and we went into the closet.  Thankfully it passed quickly and most of us went back to bed.  Will Holden continued to party until about 2:30.  Needless to say we are all dragging today.

How cute is this boy and his tractor? I will just leave you with that.  

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