Friday, April 08, 2016

Show us your cleaning/organizing tricks

I'm a weirdo who loves to clean and loves cleaning products.

I used to be very organized and then I had three kids and now I need someone to come in and help me.  There just isn't enough time in the day.

But I love to hear how other people clean or organize.  I don't really have any tips but I can't wait to read yours.

My house is usually pretty neat/clean.  My biggest tip (especially with several kids and a busy life) other than hire someone (which I used to have help when I was pregnant but I'm back to cleaning myself) is to do a little every day.

These are basic steps but my biggest cleaning tip is
1. Make your beds
2. Keep the kitchen clean

I feel like if those two things are done - my house at least appears clean.  I never leave a pile of dishes in my sink.  Every morning I wipe down the counters and the sink first thing so our kitchen is clean. And I always make all the beds every single morning first thing.  Actually - I have trained the girls so they make their beds each morning first thing.

Other than that I do zone defense on the house.

I change my strategy from week to week but some weeks I will break down the house by room and clean a different room well each day.  Like Monday - kitchen, Tuesday - bathrooms, Wednesday - master bedroom and so on.

OR I do a different task each day - like Monday - dust, Tuesday - vacuum, Wednesday - mop.  So I never feel overwhelmed and I never have to clean the entire house in one day.  Mostly because I don't have more than about one hour a day to spend cleaning with a busy toddler these days.

Share your tips!!!!

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