Monday, April 04, 2016

Crawfish and Cat Cakes

We are enjoying spring time around here! 

Last Thursday, Hollis, Will Holden and I met some of our friends at the pizza truck in town and to go for a walk.  We have a lot of food trucks in Bentonville and I love them.  This one is fairly new and I hadn't been yet but it will not be my last visit - it was so good!

Prosciutto and Arugula pizza is my very favorite!!!!

It was a nice day so afterward we walked down this "art trail" we have to the Crystal Bridges Art Museum and back.  Don't be fooled by the art trail title - it has a KILLER hill! Hollis was so happy to be with her best friend! 

These two say they are going to get married and live on a farm and have their parents (us) live on either side of them.  We love Joseph's parents so the commune sounds just fine.  Just in case they do get married - we had to take this picture for the wedding slide show! You never know! :-) 

The museum recently bought this Frank Lloyd Wright house and moved it from New Jersey to the lawn of the museum.  I haven't been inside yet but I plan to but we did walk around and look at it.  It's mostly glass so you can see a lot of it.  

Friday night Harper had a big party at church for GA's.  I don't know if you were a GA when you were little but I was. I went to GA camp a few summers in Texas.  If you were wondering- it still exists.  This is something they have for girls to learn about missions and service projects.  Harper had the best time.  The older girls got to have a lock in but the younger girls got to stay until 9:30.  

Saturday afternoon we headed to Laurie and Steve's for a crawfish boil for Laurie's birthday.  I LOOOOOOOOVE crawfish.  Steve did a great job - it was SO good! 

Only Emily ate the crawfish out of all of our kids but they loved the live crawfish.  They played with them all afternoon and named the three they had Lila, Trixie and Maddie. 

ha ha ha ha

Steve and the girls had this cake made for Laurie.  It has her cat Kristen on it.  I asked her if I could eat the face but she said no.  She was so proud of this cake.  

Laurie's parents were there and we enjoyed visiting with them.  They are just like a second set of parents to me.  Will Holden didn't eat crawfish but he had a great time.  

Steve also had these cupcakes.  I asked Laurie if they had some kind of gender reveal/pregnancy announcement for us??? ha ha !

These girls always have the best time 

I've been re-watching Steel Magnolias in the last week and I realized that I have me a tow headed, jon jon and knee sock wearing chubby little boy just like Jack Jr.  It made me so happy.  Something I think I always probably wanted but never dreamed I would have! 

That movie also makes me sing "On the Bayou" when I eat crawfish.  


Every Monday, Harper's school has an assembly and each week a different class is in charge.  Today was Harper's turn.    She needed to be there early and we all had to be dressed and ready to go before 7 so I did what most normal moms do and laid out clothes, packed lunches and backpacks and even made breakfast the night before so we wouldn't be rushed.  I got up super early to get ready and it was so magical when we are all ready by like 6:45.  I even had time to curl Harper's hair.  That won't happen again until August but for one day I felt like a mom who had it all together instead of the one in pajama pants telling her kids to hurry and eat a breakfast bar and get dressed because we were late. ha! 

Scott took pictures and videoed while I wrestled the wild man during the assembly.  I felt like I got a cross fit work out in.  He was wearing the cutest little Toms I got him at a resale shop last week but of course he will NOT KEEP SHOES ON! 

And finally, a few months ago, Tiffany asked me if I would be on her podcast.  I had never done a podcast and I was so nervous.  She said we would do it on Skype and I was so stressed to have makeup on until I realized we didn't even use the video just the sound. ha! Anyway - she posted it last week and if you need something to listen to while you work out or fold laundry - my crazy laugh might entertain or embarrass you! :-) 

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