Sunday, March 20, 2016

Five and Forty

My amazing Hollis turned five this past week.  I can hardly believe she is five.  

She is SO incredibly smart.  So sweet.  So funny.  She's quiet but she talks my EAR off.  She is an amazing big sister and a wonderful helper to me.  She is very organized and detailed.  She is SUPER loyal.  She has grown up so much in the last few months.  She pops out of bed most mornings and comes out of her room with her bed made and a smile on her face.  I've watched her mature and grow into such a precious girl.  She is so ready to start kindergarten this fall! She loves to play Barbies and play games.  She's not real into TV but she does love Paw Patrol and Barbie Movies.  She is her big sister's biggest fans and is usually wherever she is.  

She is my snuggle bug.  She likes to be right by my side at all times and I eat that up! I'm so blessed to be her mom!  Her actual birthday was Wednesday and she was feeling good so she got to go to school.  They were having an Easter Egg hunt and she had been so excited! She took donuts to her class and was so happy! I let her pick what she wanted for dinner and she chose chick fil a! Because of course!
 Hollis on her last five birthdays and a few days after she was born.  She was the cutest little curly headed toddler and now she's a beautiful girl!

We had a party at jump zone planned for Saturday but because we all had a fever virus that wouldn't go away, we ended up having to cancel it.   I think it was the right decision because nearly every friend that was coming was also sick.  Thankfully Hollis didn't act too disappointed.  We tried to make it a special day anyway.  Her grandparents all came to town and we celebrated with presents and cupcakes and this week is spring break so we have plans to do a few fun things to hopefully make up for no party.

I think Harper was more excited about Hollis' presents than Hollis was.  

Sweet sisters

 My girls consider any day with all their grandparents a good day! 

My sweet family (Will Holden was napping during all these pictures in case you think we have dropped him from our family. ha!) 

Scott turns 40 on Good Friday but since I had his family coming this weekend for Hollis - I decided we would celebrate him too! So I gave him a small dinner Saturday night.  Scott and I are opposites in many ways.  I would like to invite 100 friends to a birthday party and Scott would like one.  He's not a party guy so I kept it to just his family.  I really wanted to surprise him with a trip but being 40 with a baby makes things a little complicated.  I didn't feel like it was a good time to leave so maybe I can surprise him when he's 43. ha! 

Friends and cousins - we always have to have a group shot.

We had mexican food and Cake.  What else? :-) 

We finally got Will Holden in a picture! I can't believe that we only have five more weeks and we will be celebrating HIS first birthday.  So that's basically been the fastest year in all the world. 

Scott and his parents 

The rest of our family.  

We had a great time celebrating Scott and Hollis.  Here's to forty more years of birthdays! 

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