Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dining Room Makeover

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We have lived in our house for 11 years and everything has been pretty much the same since.  I'm trying to make a few changes slowly.  I decorated with a lot of red and green when we moved in and I'm trying to lighten up things and make it more neutral.  

This is how our dining room has looked for a while.  My in-laws gave us this table and chairs for a wedding present.  I love the table and I LOVED the chairs but they have gotten worn over the years and I wasn't in love with the rooster pattern anymore.  

Another view looking in.  These are old and dark pictures.  

I had framed a set of botanical prints on the wall.  

So right at New Years, I found chairs I had been eyeing on sale at World Market so I bought four.  

I had been wanting a settee and the ones I loved were all $600-$800 or up and then recently I found one on zulily for half that and ordered it and I LOVE it!!!

I bought new light gold colored frames and white mats at Hobby Lobby and re-framed the botanical prints.  It really lightened them up! 

We have to have work done on our dining room window at some point so I don't want to invest in anything on the windows just yet so I found some cheap curtains at T J Maxx that are working for now.  

I'm loving my much lighter dining room! 

Here are some similar chairs and settees I found.

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