Monday, January 25, 2016

Nine Months and the New York Times

Well, on Sunday Will Holden turned nine months! 

 Nine months in and nine months out.  

I'm going to go ahead and tell you that the nine months out have been WAY more fun! 

He's a BUSY BUSY boy.  He has started almost crawling. It's more like scooting but he can cross a room quickly these days.  Things are starting to get fun.  (I say that in my most tired voice. ha!) I can tell my hands are going to be very full.  He has also hit that point where it's easier to wrestle an octopus than to change his diaper.  He flails and rolls and I have to nearly pin him down to get him changed.  I just dread changing his diaper or clothes because it's exhausting.  ha! 

He is a funny little eater.  He loves baby food but doesn't care for most real foods.  I have tried giving him nearly every fruit and vegetable I can think of and he hates them all.  He likes eggs, cheese, turkey and crackers (all things my girls hated).  He will eat any pureed vegetable or fruit but not the solid kind.  I guess it's a texture thing.  We are continuing to work on it.   He's just a protein boy I guess.  ha! Working on those football muscles early. 
He's really good to take places and he does so well if we are out and about.  He also is mostly content to be in the church nursery which I'm thankful for since he spends a lot of time there.

He has three teeth and he's cutting another top tooth.  

He still mostly says "Da Da".   But he babbles a LOT.   

I mean isn't he just a little hunk? 

And for something fun that I shared on instagram but Laurie wrote about a roast that she calls "Mississippi Roast" about 5 years ago on her blog.  The New York Times got wind of it because it's the most popular meat recipe on pinterest and the food editor kept tracing it back to Laurie's blog.  She didn't make it up but got it from one of Steve's Aunts in Mississippi (thus the name).  Last week a photographer came to take pictures and they did an article all about it.  Today it was in the New York Times.  Isn't that fun??? Laurie is famous!!! You can read about it here and you should really try the roast - it's DELICIOUS! 

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