Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Celebrations Continue


I don't know about y'all but December is just a CRAZY month! I love every second of it but I feel like I'm running a marathon.  I'm always grateful for January when it's cold and dark and no one plans anything and life slows down.  

But in the meantime - I love the fun of December! 

Tuesday we had our Women's Ministry Christmas lunch.  I shared this on Instagram but my friend Jenny spoke.  Jenny is such an inspiration to me on a life lived sold out to Jesus. She is one of the most faithful and involved church members I know - serving in so many ways. But she takes it way beyond the walls of church. She feeds the hungry consistently and she works to fight sex trafficking and heads up the NWA chapter of PATH (which rescues victims). She just lives out her faith in everything she does. It's not just words. If only we had a lot more Jenny's. 
We lose sight sometimes that some of the greatest kingdom work is done by those with their heads down just doing what they were called to do. The only person whose platform and following really matters is Jesus.

Wednesday we had a women's council lunch at Laurie's house.  She made us a delicious lunch and we just enjoyed the fellowship.  Sweet Will Holden just gets dragged along to every event.  Could he look any more thrilled?

There is a new store in our downtown that is owned by a friend of mine and it is the CUTEST little children's boutique.  Southern Style is the name if you live in NWA and it's just off the square.

If you take them your santa letters in an envelope with a return address, you will get a letter back from Santa so we took our letters.  It was SO fun! 

I'm not certain - but I think Hollis wants some Shopkins.  ha ha ha ha! 
(This was her letter)

On a side note, several of my friends and I have tried to figure out what the point of Shopkins are.  All of our kids are wanting them and we don't see the purpose.  Also - they are so small - we envision a lot of lost little trinkets.  But it looks like a few will be headed to our house in a couple of weeks. 

This morning, Hollis' friend Joseph and his mom hosted a fun little Christmas party for a few friends and their siblings. They crafted and decorated cupcakes and just played and had fun.  It was such a sweet time.

These three are the cutest little reindeer around. 

I know that after a point, kids begin to make their own friends and often we develop friendships with the friends moms and that is such a gift.  But I sure love the sweet spot where your kids friends are basically your friends' kids.  I love that my kids mostly play with kids of people I love so much.  And it's a plus that when we have play dates or parties,  the kids are with their friends and I'm also with mine! I had the best time with these girls. 

We went to a 40th birthday surprise party for one of my favorite people today at lunch.  Her name is Kelly and she has a Will too.  I'm so happy to have friends joining me in my 40's. 

 Scott and I took the kids to see Santa tonight.  We had the best time.  There was zero line.  We expected someone to cry (see pictures below) but we got a great picture.  Hollis starting in crying but her daddy helped her be brave and we were so proud of her.  Will Holden is just such a happy baby - he didn't bat an eye at sitting with Santa.  
 Seven years of Santa pictures.  I am so overwhelmed with gratefulness that these little people belong to me. 

As full as our days are, I can not lie - I LOVE night when everyone is finally in bed and our house is quiet and I can turn down the lights and just sit by the twinkle of the tree and have some complete thoughts.  I stay up WAY too late, especially when I have an early rising baby but it's just the peace I need in each day to be ready to go the next day! 

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