Sunday, November 29, 2015


Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  I hope you did too.  School was out all week and it was a welcome break.  I have to admit, I was pretty thrilled not to have to jump up and make lunches and get everyone ready and race out the door by 7 every day.  We were still up early but we got to move a lot slower.  

The kids and I spent the first few days cleaning house and getting things ready.  This was the first year we have had everyone come here for Thanksgiving.  Will Holden is not the best traveler so we invited Scott's parents to come up and spend the holiday with us.  It was a huge relief not to have to pack up three kids and basically everything but the kitchen sink and travel.  

I had planned to cook for us but Scott insisted we just go out to eat instead to make it easy.  I still wanted to cook but my parents who were going to be alone on the holiday said if we would go out to eat, they would come over and join us.  So ultimately, we just had an easy, laid-back Thanksgiving. 

Unfortunately,  the beginning of the week wasn't super pleasant.  Will Holden is getting his front top teeth and I have forgotten how teething is straight from the devil.  He's such a happy boy but he was anything BUT happy for a few days.  And he had a cold on top of that so he was having restless sleep and just miserable.  And I had a cough that I could not get rid of so my parents came over early Wednesday morning and I went to the doctor and then later took Will to the doctor.  It's been so long since I have been to the doctor for myself that they didn't even have my insurance in the system.  I am going to count that as a big blessing! 

The girls had a lot of energy and were so excited about all the grandparents coming so Scott had them out in the back yard running timed laps.  Somehow he talked me and my parents into joining in. ha! 

I made pork carnitas tacos for dinner and we had a big buffet of desserts.

These three turkeys are what I'm MOST thankful for! 

Thursday I made us an early lunch of cheese and broccoli soup and the most amazing cheese and broccoli cornbread.  It was SO good! I tried my hardest to get the girls interested in the Thanksgiving parade but they weren't into it.  Is that a lost art?

 Scott's parents and the kids

My parents and the kids.  At this point, Will Holden had reached a breaking point.  He hasn't gotten the memo yet on how we like to take a lot of pictures around here.  

We went later in the afternoon and ate at Copelands.  It was really good.  We had a very cajun Thanksgiving - fried turkey, gumbo, jambalaya, oyster dressing.  And the best part was no one had to cook and no one had to do dishes! We all enjoyed doing something different for once! 

My parents went home Friday and it was POURING and cold.  I was so disappointed in the weather because I would have liked for us to get out and do some fun things but with a baby who had a cold and just no outdoor activities possible, we were limited.  We got out and ate at a new restaurant in town for lunch and then came home to watch the Razorback game.  I cooked us dinner that night. 

Saturday, Scott and his parents took the girls to the movies and around town to do a few things.  I know they were all glad to get out even if the weather was miserable again.  I stayed home with my blue eyed boy and while he napped I got all my Christmas cards done.  

We spent the evening watching more football since it was Rivalry Saturday. 

 Scott's parents left this morning and my family headed to church in our Christmas clothes! We didn't have church tonight so we have spent the rest of the day at home in our comfy clothes and I have finally started working on putting Christmas up.  I'm hoping to finish tomorrow.  It's so fun because Hollis has apparently forgotten all of our decoration and she keeps walking around going "Wow - this is awesome!"

I thought I had lost our elf.  I lost the one we had the first year.  I'm sure it's still "hidden" really well somewhere in our house but I ended up buying a new one last year.  I was a little nervous that I had hidden it too well again this year but I finally found it.  The girls have been talking non stop about when "Madeline" is coming back.  We decided to wait and let her show up on December 1st.  I'm just glad I don't have to try to buy Elf #3.  

I hope your Thanksgiving ran this same gamut of emotions! I can't believe Christmas season is already here! It always seems like the year just flies by.  

And here we are again. 

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