Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Round Here

Well, Scott is on his way home this morning from several days of hunting.  And we are SO glad! He had a great time away and we have been super busy while he has been gone! 

Our women's ministry had a Mugs and Muffins event on Saturday morning.  My friend Melinda was our speaker.  Laurie's husband kept all the girls but it was pushing it to have him keep Will Holden so I took him with me.  

We left straight from there to a birthday party at a trampoline place.  It's fairly new but we hadn't been there yet.  It opened when I was super pregnant and I just didn't have the energy to take the girls.  They loved it though so we will have to go again! 

The children's choir sang in church on Sunday morning.  Harper was so excited! It's so sweet to hear the kids singing about Jesus.  (Harper has some big scratch on her nose.  I have no idea what happened but my guess is that occasionally she likes to sleep in big gaudy rings and she probably scratched herself.  She got in the car from school yesterday and said "I had the worst day of my entire life.  Everyone kept asking me what happened to my nose".  ha! ha! DRAMA!)

Ugh - she looks so grown up!

One of the oldest and most well known restaurants in our town burnt down a while ago.  They have finally rebuilt and are re-opening soon and I was invited to go to a sneak preview dinner Monday night.  Since our husbands were all out of town, a few of us girls went together.  We hired a couple of girls to babysit all of our kids together (bless them)! We had so much fun.  The food was so good and the company was better.  If you are in NWA - you need to visit Fred's Hickory Inn again soon! 

Yesterday morning I had Bible Study and then a birthday lunch for my friend Aimee.  It was a MONSOON outside and a day I would have loved to have just stayed home but I got the kids out and got drenched getting everywhere but it was so worth it.  

November is such a busy month but one that is full of food and friends and thankfulness! 

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