Monday, October 19, 2015

The Beach Part Two

We spent the day alone on Wednesday and then Scott's parents came late in the afternoon.  We headed to Pensacola that night to eat dinner at the Fish House.  This was another of my favorite places to eat. The fried shrimp and cheese grits were the BEST! 

Laurie and Steve and girls showed up later that night.  We were so excited for them to get there.  We had a hard time getting the girls settled into bed - they were SO wound up. 

The weather was perfection on Thursday and we spent the whole day outside.  

My girls had a lot more fun on the beach once they had friends to be with.  

It's hard to believe how much they have grown since the bottom right picture.  I love to think about one day when we will all go to the beach with teenagers.  I hope they always love being together.  

And poor Will the days of him and four teenage girls.  They were all so sweet with him.  They would just circle him up squealing over how adorable he is.  

 Thursday night we went back to Cobalt and then we went to a place in Orange Beach to ride go karts before heading back to just hang out in the condo.  

These two were just best friends at the beach.  They have always been close but they were super tight this week.  

We enjoyed having Scott's parents with us.  My mother-in-law helped keep Will Holden a lot so I could be on the beach with the girls.  And the girls LOVE having their grandparents around.  

We took a few pictures Friday night.  Here are the Ormons. 

And my family

Laurie and I started going to the beach together as single girls in our 20's.  Then we went with our new husbands in our newly wed days.  And now we are going to the beach with our five kids.  It looks differently than in the past and it will look different in the future but I kind of love the chaos that we are in right now.  I'm thankful for the sweet memories we make on these trips.  

 My babies 

It was Laurie and Steve's 11th anniversary on Friday night.  They had already celebrated so we all went to eat at one of our favorite spots - Louisiana Lagniappe.  Then we went to the Track to let the kids ride rides. 

 Will Holden loved all the attention he got that week.

Our plan was to spend the day on the beach Saturday and then leave around 8 again and drive through the night to get home.  But Saturday ended up being a really cool day and we decided it might be too cool to get in the water so we just all kind of decided to head home around lunch time.  We spent all morning packing up and left to eat at the Shrimp basket for lunch before heading home.  It took us 13 hours with stops so we got home at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.  Will Holden was amazing - he slept all but about two hours.  And the girls are great travelers! I got in bed around 3 a.m. and then Will Holden was back up by 6 so I was pretty exhausted all day Sunday but I managed to get us unpacked and most of the laundry done.  

I'm usually always ready to come home from vacation but we had such a lovely time that I could have stayed for another month.  We can't wait for next year. 

And PS - here is the link to the condo we stayed in.  It had four bedrooms that all had king size beds and their own bathrooms which was perfect for our crowd.  

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