Sunday, October 04, 2015

Little Pumpkins

I can't believe October is here and it's already zipping by! I LOVE fall and this time of year but I sort of hate how early it's getting dark right now.  

This picture basically has nothing to do with anything except how cute is this darling little boy in blue?  And how precious are his skinny little bird legs? 

My parents came by Friday and took Will Holden and I to lunch and then stuck around to see the girls after school.  We enjoyed a visit with them.  

Saturday was just perfect weather wise and we had nothing on the agenda so we decided to head to the Pumpkin patch.  If you know me - you know this is my favorite thing to do.  This was probably our first of several visits this fall.  

We normally go to a different patch but we tried out McGarrah Farms and we LOVED it!!! 

I still can't get over that I have three kids most days! 

I couldn't help myself from coordinating them a little.  

I get a lot of cute pictures of all three but you probably need to know that about 3/4 look like this.  ha!  It's hard work getting three kids to smile and look! 

Children of the corn

They had this fun little mule train which Hollis insisted they were unicorns.  I couldn't really argue because it DOES look like horns on their heads.  Somehow Will Holden and I ended up riding along too. 

The girls and their dad.

It's a little tricky doing things with bigger kids and a baby at the same time.  Some times it's hard for a baby to be out and about and I still want the girls to have fun.  We are just trying to balances somehow. 

They had a lot of fun stuff but of course my girls loved the face painting most! 

It was a great day! We went and had a late lunch and then came home and played outside.  Arkansas actually won a football game which made our night. 
 Seven years of pumpkin patches. These pictures make me so happy! 

Today we had a youth service at church and it was so good.  I thought the girls looked so cute and grown up! They went to "big church" with us and I had really talked up the service.  Hollis kept leaning over and whispering loudly "YOU SAID THIS WAS GOING TO BE AWESOME.  This is NOT awesome".   Oh that girl.  

And in other news, Will Holden sat up for the first time this weekend.  He's eating baby food and sitting up.  I feel like he will be running around the house in no time.  

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