Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Well, it's September.  Seriously, how did that happen? 

Thursday night we had our Anxiety event.  It was so great! If you want to - you can watch anytime HERE.  You will love Angie Smith's video at the beginning if nothing else! It was all great and we had a huge turnout.  I love these women pictured above!  We have been working closely in ministry and we all just have a heart for women.  They are three of my favorite people.  

How cute is this little nugget? He is just the happiest, best natured little boy.  I'm so crazy about him.

We are still struggling a lot with reflux.  You can name it - and we have tried it.  It's so frustrating.  And he hasn't been gaining weight.  I'm praying by our next appointment he will be bigger and things will be improving - we are trying some new things and crossing our fingers.  He may just have to grow out of it.   And in the meantime if you need me - I'm probably mopping up spit up or doing constant laundry! :-) 

Hollis got to go to a birthday party for two of her preschool friends this weekend.  This picture cracks me up of her and her BFF.  I could do a whole post on birthday parties but for a long time the girls both got invited to parties but now that they are in school they each have their own set of friends and it's been a learning curve to help them understand that they can't both go to every party.  They are so used to doing everything together that it's good for them to have this opportunity to do something separate. 

I took this picture Sunday at church and it may be one of my favorite pictures of my girls.  They are just getting so big.   

Harper has an appointment later this week at Children's with her Audiologist.  I'm nervous to see what the results will be and if her hearing will have changed.  She's doing so amazing in school that I know no matter what - she is going to be JUST fine! 

Well, enjoy this introduction to fall.  It's September, what?

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