Monday, August 10, 2015

What's up

I didn't blog much last week.  Our week was full of two things - school and our annual church clothing give away.  

Harper had a GREAT first week of school.  She is loving first grade.  She was so excited that in first grade they can check out TWO library books! ha! It's the small things.  Thursday night we had a parents night and the teachers gave us a 30 minute rundown of what they will be learning this year.  We are so thrilled with Harper's teacher.  She is SUPER organized and loves communication and is very focused on reading.  So she just speaks my love languages! I think she will be a huge blessing to Harper.  

Hollis, Will Holden and I spent a lot of time at church helping get ready for the clothing give away on Saturday.  

Thursday my friend Marci asked if she could take Hollis with them to the movies.  So they went to the movies and got lunch.  Arkansas Children's Hospital just got two new helicopters and they had flown one up here for a charity event so she took the kids to see it also.  We love when we see these hospital helicopters because Harper loves to hear about how she flew in one right after she was born.

While they were having fun, Will Holden and I paid a visit to the doctor.  He seems to have reflux - just spits up GALLONS every day.  So we are trying meds and a little cereal in his bottle and I think it's helping.  He stayed in one outfit all day yesterday if that tells you anything.  Normally we have at least 12 wardrobe changes.  

Thursday night I went to a surprise painting party for my friend Sam.  One year ago, she had her baby Lily who went to be with Jesus the same day.  Her husband wanted to do something for her to celebrate Lily.  I thought that was so sweet.  Sunflowers have a special meaning to her and Lily so that is what we painted.  God is so good - she's pregnant with TWINS right now! I'm so happy for her and excited for her to have double the fun! She has a great testimony of faithfulness in the unimaginable and in the good.  

I found this fun little thing at a re-sale shop.  They didn't have this with the girls.  He's too little for the exerciser but this is perfect.  So now Will gets to sit up a little and look around at us.  He's getting so big! 

But he's also my sweet baby sucking his thumb and holding his bunny.  Isn't that the sweetest sight? 

So that's what we have been up to! It's nice getting back into routines and we are looking forward to fall! 

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