Monday, July 20, 2015


Well we have managed to have some fun over the last week or so.  I took these little pirates to play at their friend Joseph's house one day last week. 

The kids played and swam and my friend Marci made us lunch and we just had the best time.  

A new children's museum, AMAZEUM, opened in our town last week so we met Marci and Joseph there Friday morning to check it out.  We bought an annual family pass so we can go back a lot! We only managed to do about half of what they had but we loved what we saw.  They have a big farm area that my girls loved. 

Picking apples and gathering eggs and milking cows! 

Their absolute favorite thing was this little cabin that they thought looked just like "Laura and Mary's house." from their favorite show. 
Of course there was a mini walmart inside.  Harper loved checking out her groceries.  ha! 

Hollis finally had her four year well visit on Friday.  I always think of her as a little thing but she is 89% on height and weight! She was not happy that she might have to "take shots".  We had to push them out because she's been sick but I'm afraid later this week she's going to have to "take shots".  She asks me every day if today is the day.  Bless her heart. 

We then went swimming with friends and came home and just relaxed Friday night.  

Saturday was full of Sam's and Walmart shopping and then daddy spent most of the day in the yard and it was too hot to do anything so we played inside.  I dressed them up in my alma mater's outfits before they outgrow them! Hopefully they will be OBU tigers one day.  

We did end the night catching lightening bugs at 10 in our yard.  That's one of my favorite childhood memories and it's still magical. 

Yesterday morning Harper gave her profession of faith and shared publicly that she had asked Jesus in her heart and wants to be baptized.  Everyone came by and shook her hand and she ate it up.  I'm so proud of this little girl! 

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