Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What's Up?

Summer is just sailing along.  

We are enjoying days with this boy! 

I had my final after baby check up yesterday.  It's hard to believe Will Holden is already almost two months old! We can't imagine our lives without him.  We have had a pretty easy transition to three kids. I will say I have forgotten how exhausting babies can be.  I think I look back on that time fondly and don't remember how all encompassing they are.  I get to the end of the day and realize I never had one minute in the day when I wasn't helping someone or feeding someone.  There is not a lot of down time.  Will Holden really doesn't nap during the day unless he is in his car seat and we are going somewhere.  This is good for us to be on the go but challenging the days we are home. He mostly wants me to hold him or he screams.  Thankfully I know this stage passes fast and there will come a time that I can eat a meal without bouncing a baby at the same time so I'm just enjoying it.  Everything I do takes a lot of planning and thought - how to get out of the house or go anywhere or make meals but I like to think it's just making me more organized. (ha!) 

Sunday, our cousin/friend Sarah Kate got baptized.  We help with baptisms so we let the girls come with us so they could be with her.  It was such a great day.  It was Sarah Kate's 7th birthday so it was very special for her! 

It was a special day also because Will Holden went to the nursery for the first time.  Even though he is my third and we basically live at church, it's still a little tough the first time you put your baby in the nursery.  I went and checked on him three times.  And every time they shooed me away. ha! Really I felt very comfortable because I know and love everyone who works in our baby nursery and I know how much they love our babies.  And they send me texts with pictures like the one above.  They obviously made him feel at home! 

I know it's hard to put your baby in the nursery - especially if they cry.  But I have have found that the best thing is just to keep going and be consistent.  They may keep crying for a while but eventually they will get used to it.  Staying away or keeping them out just prolongs it.  I just want to offer encouragement for those of you who hate leaving your baby - it gets easier.  Soon they will run into the classroom!!! 

Harper celebrated Sarah Kate at her party on Sunday afternoon! She had so much fun! 

Will Holden has starting smiling all the time and cooing.  He recognizes us and just smiles and it's the BEST!! I could bottle that up if I could and sell it! 

We call her the "baby whisperer". Will Holden can scream for hours and both Scott and I will try everything to calm him down. Five minutes with her and he's asleep - EVERY TIME. I'm sure he can sense her calm, happy spirit.  It's phenomenal.  Scott and I always just look at each other and laugh because it's so crazy.  I always tell her she will make the best mommy one day but she swears up and down she is never going to get married -she wants to live with us forever.  
We are hiring her out - $25/hr. (Just kidding - I need her!)

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