Sunday, June 21, 2015

Comings and Goings

Last week was our last day of school.  We have several schools in our area who are on a year round schedule including us! I LOVE it! We have a very short summer but we get breaks though out the year! And the kids and teachers don't seem to experience as much burn out.  And honestly I think 12 weeks of summer is a LOT for elementary aged kids.  

Doesn't Harper look 12 in her little outfit? I thought she looked so cute! 

I could just DIE over how much she grew in one year! And apparently we need to bottle up vitamins to sell looking at how much her hair has grown.  

Hollis had a friend over to play one day.  They had the best time.  Four year olds have funny social skills.  At first they wouldn't even look or speak to each other and then before long they were bossing each other around and laughing.  It was a fun day for her. 

I have enjoyed my days when I just had Hollis and Will Holden at home.  It gave me time to spend a little extra time with each of them.  

On Harper's last day of school, we drove over and met Scott for lunch.  

Then we got to experience something so wonderful.  My friend Melissa and her daughter Madeline who is one of Harper's good friends have had their husband/dad deployed for the last year.  He finally got to come home on Thursday and we had a huge group at the airport to surprise him.  I'm so grateful for men and women like him and it was such a happy day to see him come home! 
 The kids and I had a chick-fil-a lunch one day before Speech.  I messed up our speech time and got there two hours early (and it's 40 minutes away) so we had to stall before going back.  

This is how we roll in Lowe's.  We spent a looooong time there yesterday with Scott.  We bought a big play set for our back yard and he is building something to go under and around it.  He's going to put the play set together himself.  Stay tuned to see if our marriage and sanity survive this. ha! 

We took Scott out for lunch at Chuy's yesterday for an early father's day lunch.  The girls picked. They love Chuy's because they have push pops (a little secret - you have to ask for them - but your kids will love you if you do!)  We enjoyed spending the day with Scott. 

And today we gave Scott cards and celebrated him some more! I am so thankful my kids have a dad who loves them so immensely.  They will always be secure in their father's love.  That's the best gift we can give them! 

Happy Father's day to all the men in your lives (or to you for the 4 men who might read here. ha!) 

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