Friday, June 26, 2015


So I wasn't sure how much feedback I would get on Alaska.  I didn't know if I knew anyone in Alaska or if anyone would read this blog from Alaska! But apparently there are more than I think.

All of the following advice comes  from people who are from Alaska or have lived in Alaska (Thanks especially to my friend Tara!!)  And if you have any more to add - please do in the comments!!!

Moose's Tooth pizza -we've been all over the world and this is still one of our favorites.

Orso on 5th Street

Glacier Brewhouse on 5th St.

Double Musky in Girdwood 
Alaska Ana Gwennie's in Anchorage for a more Alaskan experience

Fun places to visit in Anchorage:  

Wildberry Chocolate Factory

Earthquake Park

Flattop Mountain- you can climb up to a viewing station without much exertion or climb all the way to the top

Lots of trails for walks and biking

Outside the city-  even in the summer you can visit establishments for sled dogs.  Plettner Kennels was great when we were there- I'm not sure if Lynda still runs tours but she was located in Wasilla which is a town up in a valley north of Anchorage

Denali Natl Park- who wouldn't want to see Mt. McKinley!?

You can cruise the Prince William Sound- going through the tunnel through the mountain is kind of fun and there are various day cruises- we always saw whales and sea otters and you can get into coves where the glaciers are calving

Bird Point is a fun stop on the way to Seward.  If you're lucky you might see beluga whales in the water.

If you were to fly into Anchorage, you can take the train to Seward and cruise out.  Lots of wildlife on the way.  Exit Glacier is in Seward and that's fun to visit.

Seward has a lot of day tours to see wildlife.

For military peeps, TONS of MWR options to check into!!  Rent campers on base, commissary is very large, great cabins and such to rent around the state.

We went to Homer once and enjoyed a B&B there and then took a water taxi to a place to hike.  Beach is nice to camp on.

If you go during the times salmon are running, it's crazy on the water, but definitely fun for the fishermen.  Little Russian River was a nice spot.


Valdez is the Hawaii of Alaska! Absolutely beautiful and a summer vacation spot for a lot of Alaskans! The Chugach mountain range, Mt. McKinnley, North Pole. In Valdez you must eat at The Harbor Cafe: Off the Hook--amazing cuisine! Horsetail and Bridal Veil falls are beautiful waterfalls in Valdez. 

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