Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ain't that America

So it's summer and everyone seems to be headed off on vacations or weekend road trips.  

I think one of the most fun things about traveling is skipping the chain restaurants and hitting up the local restaurants, little boutiques and museums or other road side attractions.  

Since y'all seem to be from EVERYWHERE ..... I thought it would be fun to start a new series.  

Each Friday - I will feature a different state and on Mondays I will remind you of the featured state.  If you are from there - email me and tell me what's a not to miss about your state.  Give me restaurant reviews, shops we don't want to miss, family attractions, etc. 

And then I will set up a page with a link to each state and if you are traveling - it might be fun to have this to refer to.  Yes we have the apps like Trip Advisor - but this might be fun too! And I'd love to have people from all corners of the state tell me different areas and what is great!

So we will start with Alabama for next week.  I know a lot of you are from Alabama - so tell me the hot spots from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham to Mobile to the beach! Share your blog posts if you have blogged about your state attractions too! 

I think this will be interesting and fun!!! 

(And all the Canadians keep asking - it will take a year to get through the states so if the interest is still there - we will move on to Canada!!!!)

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