Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One Month

And just like that - Will Holden is one month old! 
(How cute are these monthly stickers? They were just perfect for him! They are by watchmegrowstickers.etsy.com)
(He spit up on the sticker a few times before I could get the picture.  Real life! ha!)

I can't believe one month ago you were in my belly and just look how much you have grown in two weeks!

People constantly ask me who you look like.  This is all the Stamps kids at one month.  I think you are a perfect blend of your sisters.  

You have had a lot of firsts lately.  
You went to church on Sunday for the first time.  You did great until the sermon started and you didn't want to be preached at apparently! ha!  I love thinking about you growing up in our church! 

Yesterday you went to your first movie! Harper was three before we took her to a movie but the third child just starts everything early.  I didn't even leave the house for over four months with Harper when she was born and I've had you out everywhere.  

You weigh almost 11 pounds (I think) (my unscientific way of weighing both of us and subtracting my weight).  
You are sleeping great at night - you normally get up only once.  

You have just started smiling and it's the BEST!!!!! 

You have crazy fuzzy hair that's really pretty blond and your eyes are a dark blue.  

I'm so thankful for you and so excited to watch you grown and develop your personality! You complete our family in a way I never dreamed - what a blessing you are to us! 

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