Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter 2015

I don't know about y'all but as I look on in internet - I can sometimes feel lost between three kinds of mothers.
 There are the Pinterest Magic Moments moms who make everything amazing! No stone is unturned. Every possible tradition is achieved and the house is decorated for every holiday.  I love these moms. There are times when I try to be this mom.  And I think most of these moms just LOVE to be creative and it's not an effort for them and I say "Get it girl" to them.
Then there is the other extreme.  The moms who don't feel the need or pressure to do anything.  They send their kids outside to play and pull out whatever is clean for Easter Sunday - no coordinating special outfits for them.  And I am that mom some of the time and honestly it feels like a relief.  And to these moms I say "Go girl for enjoying your kids and being relaxed".

And then there are moms in the middle who pick and choose and I would probably fall in there somewhere.

I have felt a little guilty this Easter season because I let a lot go.  I didn't go to either girl's Easter egg hunt at school.  I try to make things but there are a zillion things you can go to and sometimes I just can't.  And neither can the working moms or the moms with other small children and that doesn't make any of us bad moms.  I have friends who send me pictures when I miss and I love that and I try to to do the same for them.  We didn't dye Easter eggs because frankly it's never been a fun activity and more of one I feel pressured to do and this year I just didn't feel up to it.  I think there will be years we do it and love it. We didn't go to any egg hunts because the weather was terrible and I wasn't feeling up to it.  So I gave the girls a bag of plastic eggs and had them hide them inside for each other.  And I think they were pretty happy with that.

What we DID do is pull our our Resurrection eggs and talk about what Easter means.  We went to church and the girls went to "big church" and hopefully heard about Jesus.  Our friend Sarah Kate gave a profession of faith on Easter Sunday and even though we have talked about it many times - this gave us a great chance to talk about what it means to be a Christian and to get Baptized.  We had our best friends over for lunch and by lunch I mean - we picked up a bucket of chicken and Laurie brought a dessert.  Which is what we have done for 10 years now.  We are usually so busy on Easter Sunday at church serving in different ways, that there is no way to make a traditional lunch.

And that's really all the day is about - celebrating our Savior.  So I let go of the pressure and enjoyed what we DID do and realized I didn't have to make EVERY moment magical.

But the girls did have matching dresses.  Only because I bought them on sale in November! :-)

My sweet girls 

One of my favorite parts of Easter is we always spend it with Laurie and Steve.  It's low key and we can just relax.  
 My sweet family.  I can't believe next Easter we will get to have a little boy in this picture.  Hopefully in seersucker! :-)  

It's really going to turn things crazy next year when we have a little boy in this mix next year.  These girls are going to spoil Will Holden to death.  Or probably boss him around.  Either way - he should make a good husband one day surrounded by all these girls! 

I love looking back at all our Easters past.  These girls have grown and changed so much! 

I love a good pastel on Easter. ha! Looks like next year we are due for blue outfits which will be perfect! 

I hope you had a good Easter.  Whether you go all out or just lay low - the main thing is that Jesus died for us so we could live in freedom and with Him forever in Heaven! I'm so thankful for that sacrifice - nothing else really matters! 

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