Saturday, April 11, 2015

Baby Update and Will Holden's Nursery

I am officially full term!!! 

I am 37 weeks! I have an ultrasound on Tuesday to look at his head (Stamps' heads run big!) and we will get an idea of his size.  I'm going to guess he will be close to nine pounds when I have him.  I have a c-section scheduled in a couple of weeks so the countdown is on!!! I was never swollen with the girls but I'm very swollen this time.  

We are basically ready.  We are putting in his car seat, his room is ready, his clothes are hung in his closet and everything is basically just waiting for his arrival.

His nursery is very simple.  I wanted just a really clean look with some "deer" accents.  We had his room painted a light gray and everything is gray and white.  My dad made this dresser for Harper and we are using it for Will Holden.  My friend Susie made this sign with a Bible Verse we love for Will Holden AND the girls.  

I bought the big cabinet off Craig's List last spring.  It came from Pottery Barn originally.  I just needed somewhere to store toys.  We are limited on space for toys so I had to do something.  
The deer antlers came from my Uncle and are a family heirloom.  

Scott and Laurie made the deer picture for me and I ordered a crib bumper off Etsy with deer heads.  The rest of the bedding just came from Target.  

My friend Ashley at She She Made makes the cutest clothes and she does "Bundles of Joy".  You can order a whole personalized bundle for your baby or a friend and pay for it in installments.  I love that she does that so it's reasonable.  I told her I didn't care - just to maybe do blue and she surprised me with this blue gingham and deer heads! I just love it!!! And she made the girls matching dresses! If you have a baby coming - look on her IG or at #bundleofjoypackage and see all the different designs she has done! I can't wait to put that little gown on Will Holden in the hospital!

We are patiently waiting our boy's arrival! I have so much anticipation to see his sweet face! It won't be long now!

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