Monday, April 20, 2015

Around Here

I thought I would give a little update on life around here. 

We got another look at Will Holden last week.  He is looking great and will be here in a few days! I'm so in awe to be carrying a little life and that we will soon have a boy in our house! 

The girls in our Sunday School class had a girls night at my dear friend Susan's house last week.  We ate and talked about prayer.  It was a special night.  I offered to take the picture because I was too swollen to be in it.  :-) 

Friday afternoon we had choir practice for preschool choir and then one of Harper's friends came to play and eat with us.  It was a perfect spring night and it was fun to play outside for a while. 

We spent the weekend getting everything set up and ready to have a baby! Our car seat is in and his bag is packed (I'm working on mine).  I never in a MILLION years dreamed we would be putting out all of this baby stuff again but I can't help but smile constantly at the thought of a newborn in our house soon and a little boy running everywhere. 

Hollis had her spring pictures made at preschool a couple of weeks ago and we got them back and they are so adorable.  Except for the fact that she looks ten in this picture.  

She's not my baby anymore. 

Last night was the preschool concert at church.  They did a superhero theme and all wore capes and masks.  They had to wear white shirts and jeans.  My girls absolutely HATE jeans.   I can't say I blame them - I have never loved jeans either.  Harper kept asking if we could give hers to Goodwill.  Maybe I can get them to wear them again.  They DID both sing so well and were so cute! 

I keep looking at Harper and Hollis and thinking "this is our last  (whatever) as a family of four".  It's a bittersweet time.  God knew our family wasn't complete and I'm so thankful he is adding a boy to our Stamps clan.  I can't wait to see his face! 

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