Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walking and Sleeping

I wanted to share about our recent days but FIRST - I wanted to tell you if you live anywhere near Central Arkansas - THIS SATURDAY - we are doing another Anxiety event! This one is going to be longer and include lunch and will get into a lot more detail on practical, tangible ways to handle anxiety.  There was so much we didn't get to when we did the event at our church and this will hopefully go deeper.  I'm going to be sharing my testimony live.  I have two friends going with me and driving me so I can basically lay down in the car and try not to go into labor. ha!  I would love to see you there! The details are all on this poster!! Grab a friend and COME!!!

Saturday the girls and I got to go to a wedding shower for one of the sweetest girls we know.  Aaryn is getting married in a few months and Harper and Hollis are her flower girls.  They are THRILLED.

These are the dresses they are going to wear.  Aren't they precious? With flower crowns on their heads? I can hardly wait! 

They sat front and center and watched every present Aaryn opened and ate their little petit fours like little ladies.  It was so fun! 

On Monday, we travelled to Little Rock to see our audiologist and get new hearing aids.  Scott went with us and drove us thank goodness or I don't think I could have done it.  They tested Harper's hearing and the big praise is it hasn't changed since about six months ago.  That was wonderful news! It could still worsen eventually but for now it is steady.  Harper's new hearing aids are bright purple and pink.  She has had her heart set on rainbow ear molds and our sweet Dr. Jan came through for us and we are getting multi colored ones.  Harper is showing you the mold Dr. Jan took of her ear that will eventually be her rainbow mold.  She is so excited.

Scott kept Hollis busy in the waiting room while we tested and my parents even came and surprised the girls because my mom happened to have a doctor's appointment in Little Rock on the same day! Our sweet Dr. Jan is just a blessing to our family.  

And yesterday Harper had to draw a picture of her mom and write two sentences about me.  And this is what she wrote.  My mommy can walk (I thought maybe it said work and that would have been not bad - but no she said it was "walk") and can sleep in her bed.

Six years of loving her and pouring into her and cooking for her and reading to her and teaching her about Jesus and caring for her every need and it boils down to I can walk and sleep. ha! I'm trying not to be disappointed.  And it's hard to tell - but that is our couch and I'm laying on one end of it with my big belly.  That part is pretty accurate.  I hope one day she can say more about her mom than that I can walk and sleep. ha!

I have some baby updates but this post is already long so I will share those tomorrow.  And maybe a belly picture update if I can fit it on the computer. ha!

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