Monday, February 23, 2015


We have had a weekend of change around here.

Long before I ever found out I was pregnant, I had been planning to eventually put the girls in one room.  I just think it's fun for sisters to share a room - at least while they are little.  And my girls are best friends and I knew they would love it.  And then when I found out about Will Holden, it kind of became a necessity! 

We finally got around to combining them this weekend. 

Our first step was getting Hollis out of the crib.  Now I know she is about to turn four and some of you will think it's crazy she is still in a crib, but I say "judge away!" She was the worst sleeper but in the last year has become SUCH a great sleeper and she LOVES that crib.  And she would NEVER try to climb out.  That's just not her.  So why mess with a good thing.  I'm being serious, if we weren't having a baby, I might try to push it until kindergarten before we moved her out.  I'm a big proponent on not rushing things with kids.  I know that's not everyone's thing but I didn't push potty training - I waited until they were ready and it was SO easy.  Same with pacifiers and just about everything else.   They grow up so quickly any way. 

So Hollis had her very last night in her crib Saturday night.  I was a little sad but not too upset since the crib just moved next door to wait for Will Holden.  

We spent ALL day Saturday working on the move.  We had to  make a few trips to Lowes and Home Depot (for a few other home projects) and I had bought two beds for the girls that needed to be painted so I did that all day Saturday.  It was my first time using Annie Sloan paint and I LOVE it!!!!! I painted and waxed the beds and they turned out great!

Meanwhile, right before we left for church yesterday morning, Harper pulled out another tooth.  I'm so glad she can do it herself because loose teeth give me the willies.  She was so excited! 

We worked all afternoon getting the room ready.  We had to move Harper's bed out of her room, then move the crib to that room for Will Holden and then finally set up the girls rooms.  When I say "we", I mostly mean "Scott" but I supervised.  Harper said "why are you making Daddy do all the hard work" and I told her I couldn't do much with my big belly and she said "You need to help Daddy and quit using your belly as an excuse, GIRL".  She is real into saying "Girl" after all her sentences now and it makes me laugh so hard.  She also told us she didn't want the tooth fairy to come because she already had a "ton of money and just wanted her tooth".  ha ha ha!

It's a small room so I just wanted it to look clean and simple.  We don't have a play room so it's a challenge storing toys (we have a big storage piece in Will Holden's room and there is a chest you can't see in these pictures that I will show once I get a picture hung over it.).  We also have toys in the closets.  I have loved just the light blue and cream and white in Hollis' room so I decided to keep that going.  That little dress in the shadow box is what they both wore home from the hospital.

I found the comforters at Target a LONG time ago and have just had them put up.  I'm going to get a throw pillow or two made out of the material that's on the valance for the beds.  I found the metal letters at a junk store.  It makes it easy that they have the same monogram! 

And I had to show a better picture of the bed.  I found this one at a junk/antique store when Hollis was probably one.  I put it up in the attic and knew it would be perfect one day.  When I decided to combine the girls I knew I wanted to try to find another one like it.  A friend found me one on Craig's list and it's a tiny bit different in details but almost identical.  I painted them and they look great together.

The girls were THRILLED with their new room.  Hollis did amazing in her first night.  They both slept like rocks! I imagine a lot of giggles and laughter and sharing and talking (and probably some fighting) in this room for the next few years and I love so much that they get to have this sister bond.  I always wanted a sister so seeing my girls together just thrills me.  And they are SO excited to have "baby brother" in the next room.

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