Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Bible Studies

Laurie and I are starting to lead a new Bible Study at church this morning.  We are doing Children of the Day by Beth Moore.   We led it last semester too and it's a study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians and who knew those books covered so many topics??? Everything from friendship to mentoring to sex to end times! It's a great study if you are looking for one to do!

And on a side note, I'm so excited to say that Laurie is the new Women's Ministry Director at our church.  Our former one stepped down to take on new opportunities and Laurie was the PERFECT fit.  She was made for this job so I'm so happy that she is leading!

Speaking of Bible Studies, if you are looking for one to start the new year with - I LOVE studies by Kelly Minter.  And she has a new on on 1st, 2nd and 3rd John.  If you are wanting to get a group together and study God's word - this might be a great one to consider!

And if you are local to me, I want to share this event with you! Our women's ministry is hosting an event on Anxiety.  If you know me, you know I have written about my struggle with this so it hits close to home.  In fact, I will be sharing a little of my story.  My friend Susan who is a Christian Counselor/Therapist and also a great speaker is going to be leading this! We would LOVE to have you attend.  I'm hoping we can record it so I can share with you if you don't live near here.  This is a subject I think so many of us struggle with.

I encourage as you walk into 2015 to get involved in a Bible Study.  I encourage you first just to pick up a Bible and read yourself at home.  That's the most important thing but if you can find a group to have fellowship with and walk through God's word with - that's icing on the cake! It's important for us to have discipleship and as women - I think we really need the community.  You may have to be the brave one who texts a few friends and says "Who is in?"

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