Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December happenings

Just a few goings on around here:

I couldn't find Hollis the other day but I finally heard her talking in her room and she had a chair pulled up reading to her baby.  It was so sweet.  I think she's ready to be a big sister! 

Harper's hair is so thick that it's hard to do things with and every time I DO fix her hair, she comes running out of school with it pulled down.  But I fixed her with braids tied back this week and she LOVED it and it was exactly the same after school! It was a Christmas miracle! 

I'm SOOOO behind on Christmas this year.  I haven't sent out my cards yet, I haven't shopped and I'm just overall behind.  We don't exchange gifts for adults in our families any more (which I have to say has made Christmas a million times better - none of us need anything) but I hadn't even bought for the girls.  So we got a baby sitter last night and went out to eat and shopped for the girls.  It was a really fun date! 

 Today, Hollis' preschool had their annual Christmas play. It's so sweet.  The 3 year olds are shepherds. 
 Hollis was SO proud to be in her play.  Her little face just kills me. 

It doesn't really matter in the end how many nights we go to see lights or how many gifts we get or give or how "AMAZING" our Christmas is.............having sweet babies to love and remembering that Jesus was born simply to live and die for us and how overwhelming that love is is the simplicity of the joy of Christmas.  

And I'm OVER joyed this year. 

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