Monday, November 24, 2014


We experienced a lot of victory this weekend. 

And I can't quit smiling about it. 

My HOGS beat #8 Ole Miss in a shut out.  That's two back to back shut out wins over ranked SEC teams.  

What makes it so special is that prior to this we hadn't won a game in over two years.  

But Arkansas fans didn't give up.  Because we knew we had a coach who was working hard and had a plan.  We knew he was preparing the team and when the time was right, we would finally win.

And we did. 


Sunday morning we went to church for just a regular Sunday of worship.  The music was great but it was nothing spectacular.  The preaching was wonderful but wasn't anything out of the ordinary great. But when the invitation was given, four people came forward.  Which is pretty normal for most Sundays.

Then something not normal happened.

One of the people who came forward is one of my close friends.  She grew up in the church.  She sings in the choir and teaches Sunday School and leads in women's ministry.  But she knew in her heart that she wasn't truly saved.  And she boldly walked out of the choir loft and came forward.  And it sparked something.

Our pastor said "we are going to do something different, we are going to open the invitation back up."

And it ended up lasting AN HOUR! The aisles were flooded as people got out of their seats and came forward to make decisions to know Christ.  Everyone in the church was crying.  It was something we had not experienced before.  



And the thing is I get so sad at the world around me and things seem to get darker every day and I feel like we are moving as a world so far away from God.

But we have a God who is working hard even when we can't see and He has a plan. He is preparing things and when the time is right - 


I spent yesterday watching the funeral service of a pastor of a large church outside of Nashville who died last week of Cancer.  He was a faithful, Godly man and strangely - I love to watch funerals of people who have lived their lives for Jesus because you catch a glimpse of what life is really for and you know it TRULY is a celebration to get to spend eternity in heaven.

O Death Where is Thy Victory?

With Jesus - we don't have to fear death.  It truly is the ultimate victory.

I saw this video this week of Matt Chandler talking about suffering.  He is a pastor of a large church in Dallas and I love what he had to say.  It's hard to understand why bad things happen.  I'm pretty sure I will die not understanding. 

But I know in the end, God gets the VICTORY. 

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