Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Girls Weekend

Scott was gone hunting all weekend and he gets back today.  To which I say "Thank Goodness". ha! So we had a girls weekend.  

I got the girls these Frozen pjs from Wal-mart and they were so happy.  They were yelling "you are the best mommy ever!"  It's the little things. We had a movie night Friday night.  Saturday we spent all morning cleaning out our toys.  I'm trying to get things ready to put the girls in one room and then turn the other bedroom into the nursery.  I had planned to combine the girls anyway but was going to make the other room a play room so now we are having to really minimize things.  But we can make it work! I found a great Pottery Barn toy cabinet on craigs list and got it over the weekend and got things so much more organized. 

Saturday afternoon we got to celebrate my friend Ashley and her baby boy Channing who is coming right at Christmas.  Harper and Hollis went and had so much fun watching Ashley open her gifts.  Our boys will have to have a lot of fun play dates in the future. 

I've had a couple of friends give me baby boy hand me downs and I'm so excited over them.  This is only about half so baby boy Stamps is pretty much set on clothes! and I'm loving little boy stuff.  

I have to share a funny story from Harper because I laughed and laughed over this.  She told me this weekend that she was so sad because all the kids in her class always got to go to "Miss Missle's" class and she never got to go.  I asked her who that was.  She said "You know, they call in our class and say "We need Sarah for Miss Missle" and then she gets to go. 

Other wise known as we need Sarah for early dismissal. 

Poor girl thought she was being left out of a really fun class. I couldn't quit laughing.  

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