Monday, October 13, 2014

Girls Weekend

Scott went hunting this weekend so it was just us girls.  It was a rainy, cold, dreary weekend and it was just what we needed.  The girls and I stayed in our pi's all day Saturday and did nothing but clean house and watch football (including 4 hours of my life I will never get back otherwise known as our loss to Bama).  

Friday night we went to Harper's school Fall Carnival.  We had a good time and Harper had a blast seeing all her friends and playing games.  How cute are Alice and the Queen of Hearts? They are so proud of their costumes.

And if you know us - you might can guess what Scott and I will be on Halloween.  Or you can wait 2 weeks and see pictures! :-)

We ran into one of our favorite sets of sisters at the carnival! My girls love these friends! 

(P.S. Try to guess how many Elsas were at the Carnival? If you guess at least 87.8% of all girls - you would be right!) 

Sunday was church and then Scott got home just in time for me to go to a fun party for my friend Tracy.  

There is this fun little place called Junque 2 Jewels in our town.  They provide materials (and a lot of help) and you can make all kinds of things like wood door hangers and big frames.  I have been dying to go there forever and my friend Tracy decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday by having a bunch of friends go and craft.  I had so much fun! 

I made this door hanger

Most of us who went and our finished products.  I'm already planning a return visit.  If you live in NWA - you need to grab some friends and plan a visit.  It's fun and you get something cute for your house (or make an awesome Christmas gift)! 

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