Sunday, September 07, 2014

Weekend of Happy

We had a really amazing weekend!  I'm still smiling! 

My dear friend Jenn has been battling breast cancer for the last year.  She finished chemo several months ago but has still had to take one treatment every few weeks.  She has had several surgeries and is cancer free!! But Friday was her VERY last treatment!! When you are finished you get to ring a bell and everyone claps.  I went to be with her for this and it was so neat! Jenn has had such a great sense of humor and strength through this battle and I'm so lucky to be her friend!

Friday night she threw a huge "I beat cancer" party! It was at their neighborhood clubhouse and she had a DJ and a photo booth.  It was a BLAST!! This is Jenn's mom and her close friends (and some of my great friends from church).  We got SOOOO tickled at these ladies because they were the first ones on the dance floor and were cutting a rug!

The thing about Jenn is they have only lived here like 2 years and yet she has a million friends.  That's the kind of person she is.  We were all talking about how if we had a party there might be 20 people there - but Jenn seems to know everyone in NWA.

We all had so much fun.  I even posted a little snippet of Laurie dancing on my Instagram.  If you know Laurie, you will know that's not a common sight.  We laughed so much Friday night.  It was such a fun night to celebrate a friend we have prayed for! 

We crammed into the photo booth.  Don't ask me what is going on with Laurie. :-) 
I'm so thankful for my friends. 

Saturday morning Scott took the girls on a little date.  They ate breakfast and went to a pet store and to Cabela's.  My girls honestly love Cabela's more than most grown men do.  They love all the animals and the fish.  And they came home with their own pink "play" hunting gear.  They had a great time and I had several hours to clean house in a quiet house.

Saturday afternoon, Harper went to her very first School Friend party.  Her best friend from Kindergarten was turning 6.  (I worried so much about if Harper would make friends at school and she has a whole list of friends.  I should learn not to worry so much.)  This was a frozen party and Elsa and Anna showed up.  Harper was SOOOOO thrilled.  She stuck to them like glue and was asking them a million questions like "Why did you freeze Anna?" and "What kind of car did y'all come in and who drove?" You can tell in this picture how happy she was.  And I loved getting to meet some of the kids in her class and their moms! (And Hollis went with us and was beside herself too.  She is usually terrified of characters so I was very proud of her to get near them!)

And then of course the Hogs won their first game since last September.  So it was just a perfect Saturday.

Our friend Madison is going to be in the local high school pageant (Which is a HUGE school and a HUGE deal).  They each have to ask a little girl who is in school to be their "Future Miss" so basically a little girl who they think might be a future Miss BHS.  The little girl walks them out on the stage.  Madison asked Harper today at church to be her Future Miss with a cookie cake.  Harper was thrilled.  I think she was more thrilled about the cookie than anything but wearing a fancy dress on stage is a close tie for her.

Mostly we are excited to see glimpses of fall being here!

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