Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites


I thought today since I'm taking a break from SUYL - I would link up with some other bloggers Erica, Narci, and Andrea on their Friday Favorites.

Here are some of my favorite things this Friday!!!


In just 4 short months we get to my favorite month! October is full of amazing weather, beautiful trees, good fall TV and football!! And we have so many fun things planned - the pumpkin patch and school carnivals.  I just love fall.

2.  Wal-Mart pickup

We have a revolutionizing new thing here in Bentonville.  They are trying out a Wal-Mart online grocery shopping and pickup.  You just go online and order everything you want, pull into a stall much like at Sonic and they bring the groceries out to you!!! All mommas with little kids in the winter are saying AMEN!!!!! I think I'm the last of my friends to try it but everyone is RAVING!

3.   In this House we will giggle

My friend Courtney (who brought you those amazing ABC scripture cards) has just released her first book.  And it's so fun! And will inspire you so much! You can pre-order it here

I love family Halloween themes.  We have one planned for this year.  And then we may have to give it up and let the girls decide after that.  Thankfully the girls were pretty excited about their costumes for this year so it works!! 

Hope you have a good Friday!!!!!!

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