Monday, September 22, 2014

Dot Mom

It's been a while.  I've been gone!!!!

On Wednesday I left town with my two of my best friends to go to Dot Mom.  We drove to Memphis and spent the night with Laurie's in-laws for the night.  They were so sweet and welcoming to us! 

Laurie and I found out Jenn had never had Chili's chips and salsa???? How is that even possible? I will say in her defense that she grew up in California where apparently it wasn't a thing? Here in Arkansas - it's like a staple to your diet.  And apparently in Texas everyone adds a side of ranch??? We introduced her to it Wednesday night and she loved it. 

Thursday we drove to Nashville and met up with our friend Ashley at the hotel.  Then we headed to downtown Franklin for the rest of the day.  I wish we would have had a full day there.  I LOVED Franklin.  LOVED IT.  It reminded me of a much bigger Bentonville.  We hit a bunch of shops and antique stores and had fun browsing. 

Everyone on Instagram suggested we eat at Puckett's and they were NOT WRONG!!! I haven't had fried catfish in forever so I went for it.  I think it was the biggest piece I've ever had.  So good! 

 And in music city fashion there was live music.   It was just a great night.  

I need like a week in Nashville. 

Friday, Dot Mom started.  It is SUCH a great conference.  The speakers are amazing and it's full of practical information.  We went out to eat with my friend Heather and Shay and Erica.  It was fun to visit with them.  It was also Jenn's birthday.  I told her how fun to celebrate with dinner with strangers. ha!  Last year she had chemo and shaved her head on her birthday so she had no where to go but up this year. 

I was ecstatic to see my friend Keely.  She works for Compassion and I love that we get to connect from time to time.  She is one of my favorite people.  (I know I have a habit of saying everyone is my favorite - but it's the truth.  I just have a LOT of favorites.)
 So fun seeing my friend Courtney (on the left).  She is such an encouraging mom and writer.  She has a new book coming out that you are going to love.  More on that later.  
We went back to the conference on Saturday.  It ended at 4:30 and we knew we wanted to go to Nordstrom because we don't have one in Arkansas.  So we went to a mall and shopped and ate.  We were all so tired.   We got up and drove home early yesterday.  It's about a nine hour drive so I was WORN OUT when we got home and went almost straight to bed after hugging my girls a million times.   We somehow managed to hit six states on our drive.  We went through Tennessee and Arkansas and a corner of MS but on the way back we came through KY, MO and IL.  (Which seems to make no sense geographically but it was actually quicker than driving through TN and AR).

There is a rumor this was the last Dot MOM but I'm hoping they change their mind.  If you ever get a chance - you need to go.  So much practical info on mothering and marriage.  And I loved getting to hear Angie Smith and Jennie Allen.  Such a blessing to me!

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