Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Best Yes

One of my favorite speakers/authors is Lysa Terkeurst.  Her last book "Unglued" was SO helpful to me.  I was in the middle of the baby years and was kind of a mess at the time and it was like she wrote the book for me.  
And I was even able to go to Charlotte and film a webcast with Lysa about the book.  It was a neat experience but mostly because I found that Lysa was such a genuine person and so wise and real.  It made me like her more.  

She spoke to me right in that season and now I'm in a new one.  And it's like she KNEW! Or maybe she knew that there are so many of us in the same season.  The season of over committing and busyness and being generally overwhelmed.  I love to go and I love to serve but I have a hard time with saying no and it can leave me in a tailspin.  I want to serve my family well above all and sometimes I feel like they are caught in the shuffle of what I do in the name of ministry. 

Lysa's new book is "The Best Yes" {Making wise decisions in the Midst of Endless Dreams}.  I'm not going to lie - this couldn't have come at a better time.  As the girls enter school and a new semester begins and I've already found myself signing up for things left and right and discussing going back to work and I'm trying to guard the sacredness of my family.

I'm that girl who sees needs in the bulletin at church and feel like the church might fall apart if I don't sign up.  Not because I'm something special but I worry that no one else will do it.  And now as we go to school, I know if they ask for mom help - I'm going to want to raise my hand.

I'm learning to set boundaries and that life will go on if I'm not on every committee.  I love the chapter Lysa has in this book called "The power of the small No".  Sometimes we need to just say no to a few small things.  But she also talks about saying "No" graciously and not to use it as a weapon.  Lysa says that her best nos are "graciously honest.  Maybe saying 'My heart wants to say yes,  but the reality of my time makes this a no' ".

If you are like me and are struggling with saying no or finding what your best yes can be, Lysa offers some sound advice backed by Biblical principles.

Oh - and something that's AMAZING about this book, Lysa is donating every penny made from the book to Christian non-profit ministries.  Her family just was in Tanzania building a boys' dormitory and she has more projects like this on the horizon.  So buying the book will help you and help others at the same time!!

And I have a fun surprise - Lysa is giving me FIVE copies to give away!!!

I'm going to keep it simple for you - just leave a comment saying why you need to read this book!!!!

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