Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Fourth

I LOVE the fourth of July.  I love red, white and blue! 

And of course the best is when the 4th falls on a Friday and you get a three day weekend! We had a great one.  We just had fun as a family on Friday and played outside a lot. 

Friday night we went over to Laurie and Steve's and ate dinner and then shot/watched fireworks.  

This is the first year since I was a teenager that I bought and shot off fireworks and I was just giddy! It was so much fun! 
 These two put on the show and we all enjoyed it.  There were also tons of fireworks going on everywhere so we got to watch those as well! 
 Love this little firecracker 
 Sweet friends - they all did each other's hair before the fireworks show. 
 This just cracked me up 

 I thought this was the sweetest.  There is nothing like a good friend! 
 The 4th's of our past.  Notice it's the same outfit in several pictures - we just keep re-wearing. 

Let your little light shine 

I hope your fourth was wonderful! 

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