Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Surprised by Motherhood"

Today we are starting back on our Book Club discussing "Surprised by Motherhood" by Lisa-Jo Baker!  I am loving this book!!!!!! 

The winner for last week's copy of the book is Candy Burton (I emailed you!)

This week if you leave a comment and discuss the book OR leave a comment saying why you would love a copy - I will be giving away ANOTHER copy!!!! Yeay! You can give it to a friend if you already have a copy! 

Today we are discussing Chapters 3-4.

Here are discussion questions for you to answer in the comments.  (My answers are included).

1.   I LOVED the story of Lisa-Jo's mom delivering her and stopping mid push because "she didn't want it to be over".   Don't we all feel this way about motherhood? What do you miss the most from past stages of your child's lives? 

The thing I miss THE MOST is those first few months of a newborn's life when they mostly sleep in a bouncy seat or swing or bassinet and how peaceful it was when they slept and how much I loved staring at them and holding them while they slept.  (I'm forgetting how much they cried and how much they DIDN'T sleep at night. ha!) 

2.  Lisa-Jo shares about her mother telling her she wasn't pretty enough for pageants out of her own insecurity.  It's so easy for mothers of daughters to pass on our own insecurities......what steps do you take to avoid that with your daughters? (or sons?)

I have never mentioned anything about weight struggles in front of my girls.  And I hope not to.  I don't want them to worry about their weight.  I want them to make healthy choices and that's what I'm working on passing down as well as finding ways to make exercise fun.  But I don't want them to ever hear the "fat" word in this home. 

3.  In chapter 4, Lisa- Jo shares the story of Chuck who gave a message that freed her up.  Have you ever had a stranger (or a friend) share something with you that just gave you freedom or love God more? 

For some reason I can't think of an answer to this, but I'm eager to hear your answers!!! 

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