Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Surprised by Motherhood - Book Club


We are starting a new book this week and you are just in time.  If you have read "Surprised by Motherhood" by Lisa-Jo Baker or if you haven't - you can jump in and discuss at any time.

We read the first two chapters this week and I'm going to give you a few questions to discuss!!!

1.  Lisa-Jo talks about in Ch. 1 how motherhood was not like it says in all the books.  Her baby wasn't responding like the books said he should and she felt like they were both failing.  How was motherhood different than your expectations or what the books said - especially first time motherhood?
My children were not textbook children.  I followed the books and they didn't sleep through the night until they were 3.  Eventually I learned to throw out the books and go on my own instincts. There are books and advice I've been given that were life savers and there were books and advice that didn't help at all.  I had to wade through it and pick what worked for us.  Motherhood for me was so much harder and draining than I expected but also so much more wonderful than I dreamed possible.

2. I loved Lisa-Jo's story of not knowing she was in labor the first time.  Why does it seem that when you get with a group of moms, it's inevitable that at some point - you will all break out your birth stories.  We all have one if we have delivered children and we can't seem to want to share them.  Were any of you in labor and didn't know it?

I never felt labor.  I got an epidural before I was induced with Harper and then had a scheduled c-section with Hollis.  So I'm not sad to say I never felt a labor pain.

3.  The last part of chapter 2 where she talks about realizing for the first time that SHE was the person her baby would need forever - when he was hurt or hungry - SHE was who he needed.  Is that a huge weight on you when you realize your children so desperately need you (and need you EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY if they are young like mine are?) 

It scares me sometimes to be "in charge".  ha! And it makes me want to run away some days when my girls have demanded my help 547 times already by 9 a.m.  But I'm thankful to have little people who need me and love me so unconditionally.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and anything else you can add.

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