Monday, June 30, 2014

Praying Over Schools

Since Harper is starting Kindergarten this year, I decided that this summer I would start going up to her school and prayer walking around it.  I have been praying for her as she goes to school but it just feels so tangible to me to pray where I can see it and touch it.

Yesterday was the first day I decided to start this.  As I got to the school I put my headphones on and "Holy Spirit" by Jesus Culture came up on my play list the minute I approached the school.

These were the exact words I had in my heart to pray for her school.  

And the next song that came up was "Waiting Here for You" by Christy Nockel.  It's as if God knew the songs I needed to hear. 

(Ironically as I left the school, "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts came on.  So I was a puddle of tears. ha!)

When I did a post asking for back to school traditions last week,  Kendra White shared about her family praying around the school the night before school starts and that they walk around it 7 times (much like Joshua and Jericho) and that they prayed a different thing each round.  I loved that idea and thought I would share it with you in case you want to pray around your school.

1) administration 
2) teachers
 3) new friends, old friends and that we would always be a friend 
4) clear minds to learn new things
 5) power to be bold and share our faith
 6) safety for the school and everyone in it
 7) that we would have fun and that this grade would be the best yet! 

Whether your kids are in public school or private school or home school (and you want to circle your house), I think this is a powerful thing to do this summer and even through out the school year.  I am planning to not just pray around the school this summer but periodically through the year.  I know teachers need our prayer as much as the kids do! 

Even grab a few other moms at your school to pray with.  I'm hoping to do that in the coming weeks! I'm also going to be looking for scripture to pray as I walk.  If you have any great ones that pertain - I'd love if you shared! 

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